Welcome Dreamer!



Dear Creative, Passionate, Caring, Dreamer, Stylist;

We are in love with good feels, great coffee, hustle & dry shampoo. 
Are you searching for a salon that will welcome you in like family? Express your passion and purpose here at Belle Salon. We take our guest experience to the next level. Along with our skills, the care of our tribe and guests is of the upmost importance.

At Belle, we loyally support thriving habits such as punctuality, a positive attitude, and professionalism. We love contributing to our tribe in ways of great ideas, education, goal setting and cheering each other on.

We believe in beautiful hair, collaboration, work weeks of 32 hours or less, chips & salsa and teamwork.
Your success is our success, and WE take care of OUR clients.

If you are interested in joining our amazing tribe, please send us an email with the subject line:
"I would love to join your tribe".
Tell us a couple sentences about who you are and be sure to include your social media handles. Finally, please include your resume.

Send email here!!!