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PRICING: If cost or time is a concern please book a complimentary consultation with prior to booking so we can provide you an estimate on both and help you determine if your budget matches the services you've requested. Price quotes can only be given in person not via email or over the phone. The price of every service, both cut and color, is unique to each situation. Starting prices are reflected on our website. Ultimately the amount of time, product, and level of expertise needed to achieve your desired look will determine the total service cost.


DEPOSITS: To secure your appointment, we require a 50% reservation fee. This will be applied to your ticket on the day of your appointment. Our online prices reflect starting prices and from time to time the stylist or front desk will adjust your price based on the plan of action at the appointment.


APPOINTMENTS: We request 48 hours notice for any changes made to a reserved appointment. Please understand that when you forget to cancel your appointment or reschedule without giving enough notice we miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time, causing us to lose both time and income. We have other clients that would happily fill your spot with proper notice. Confirmation reminders are sent out ahead of time as a courtesy. However, you are responsible for remembering all scheduled appointments. 

***Less than 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule any appointment will result in a $50 cancellation fee per service booked. 

No Call/No Show/Forgotten appointments will result in a fee of 100% of the missed service total. All fees must be paid before any future appointment can be made.*** 

NOTE:  Fees charged for No Call/No Show/Forgotten appointments or cancellations will not applied to future appointments. 

We strive to be on time for each and every guest. If we are running significantly behind, we will make every effort to contact you prior to your appointment time. In order to ensure punctuality, we ask that each guest arrives at or before the appointment time. Any guest arriving more than 10 minutes late may be asked to reschedule or alter their service so as not to impact the timing of other scheduled appointments. Late arrivals resulting in a cancellation of a reserved appointment/service will be treated as a last minute cancellation and appropriate fees will apply.


SERVICE SATISFACTION: We understand that sometimes once you get home and live in your new hair for a few days, you may find that some adjustments need to be made. We are happy to make minor adjustments that align with our original consultation within 7 days of the original service. 


Adjustments that alter the original plan or are requested after 7 days of the original service will require full payment. We do not provide refunds on services. Your smoothing and color service is only guaranteed if you invest in the recommended shampoo and conditioner from Belle Salon Co directly. 


If you do not use these recommendations at home we will not perform any adjustments to your smoothing & color services.  No color service is guaranteed if you have box color present in your hair. We will do our best to work with your hair history.




RETAIL RETURN POLICY: Should you make a retail purchase that you are unsatisfied with, we will accept retail exchanges at full credit 10 days from your initial purchase. 


KIDDOS: You love your kiddos and so do we! We ask that children be supervised and only present when being provided a service. Chemicals, hot tools, and sharp objects are present at all times making it very dangerous for children. Please arrange separate supervision for the children during your service time. The environment of a salon is meant to be a getaway from the stresses of daily life. In order for it to stay that way children must be properly supervised for the safety and satisfaction of all.

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